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Here are 5 B.C. books you should read this summer (Vancouver Sun)

The Vancouver Sun recently published a list of recommendations with books by authors from British Columbia that are perfect to have in your beach bag, including The Plus One by S.C. Lalli.

Described as “The White Lotus meets The Guest List,” this new offering from the bestselling Vancouver author of Are You Sara? is soooo beach-ready. Lalli’s latest story is about a posh luxury resort wedding between the children of powerful and very wealthy Indian-American families. But not everyone is there with their arms full of good wishes. Enter an outsider with an agenda. Oh yeah, and the betrothed couple are found dead on the morning of the nuptials. Who would do such a thing on such a festive day? That outsider with an agenda has some ideas.

Vancouver Sun

To see the full list, click here.